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Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals


Learn about the Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals course.

Part of the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program.

Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals


Online Live

Start developing a strong understanding of the anatomy of high-performance teams and industry 4.0 business unit operations – an essential skill set for adapting to the changes that industry 4.0 will bring to the business sector.

McMaster’s Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals course focuses on high-performance leadership, strategic alignment, communication, tactical execution, disruption management, performance management, driving accountability, and continuous improvement. You will apply what you’ve learned to assess, define, and optimize current leadership and operations approaches.


Live Online Teaching

Real-time interactive conference-style education brought to you anywhere.

Earn a McMaster Certificate

Walk away with a McMaster Certificate and practical skills to think and problem-solve like a leader.

Skilled Industry Experts

Hear from academic instructors and experienced industry experts across disciplines.

Accelerated Learning

Achieve more than you expected in each burst 60 - 90 minute topic sessions over 3 days.


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Course Content Breakdown

Module 2

  • Gain an understanding of what strategic leaders look for from talented tactical-level leadership.

  • Understand how to assess followership capabilities and tailor leadership approaches.

  • Learn about The Strong Link Archetype, the asset-mindset, and critical leadership styles.

  • Get introduced to high-stress management techniques to sustain high performance.

Module 3

  • Understand the principles of communications that derive stakeholder buy-in.

  • Understand how to cultivate a command team relationship.

  • Gain insight into the fundamental principles of industry business unit operations.

  • Understand the principles of high-performance tactical execution.

  • Gain an understanding of threat management techniques.

  • Get introduced to the After Action Review technique to drive continuous improvement.

Our Industry Experts

Meet the speakers, mentors and panelists on the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program.

Admission Details

Participants should have relevant work experience in their industry field; a college or university education is an asset but not required.


Please contact the Program Lead if you have specific questions about the background knowledge required to maximize your benefits from the program.

Enrollment Options & Course Dates

Option 1: IOLM Program Participant

Industry Mentorship Program | Six Certificates

Most participants/businesses and organizations enroll as an IOLM Program Participant. The participants complete all five courses and enroll in the Group Mentorship Program.

Letter of Recognition: Recieve a Letter of Recognition outlining the skills and capabilities taught. As well any mentee with a 10% or higher performance improvement are noted as demonstrating potential as a high talent member.

Sixth Certificate: Participants who complete the IOLM program will obtain a sixth certificate - Industry Operations Leadership & Management in addition to the five awarded for each course.

Option 2: Per Course

Complete one or more the IOLM courses in any order you wish. Course participants will not be enrolled under the Group Mentorship Program. A single Micro-Credential Certificate will be awarded for each course completed.

10, 17, 24 Jan, 2022

Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals

7,21,28 March, 2022

Industry Tactical Planning & Execution

2,9,16 May, 2022

Industry Business Unit Management

11,18,25, Jul, 2022

Advanced Leadership Skills

12,19, 26, Sep, 2022

Advanced Operations Management

Tuition & Fees

Please note costs noted below are in CAD dollars, and do not include the 13% HST - Harmonized Sales Tax charged for Canadian Applicants.

NGEN AMP UP Participants & Association Members

Enrolment Option 1: Full IOLM Program Participant.

All 5 Courses | 6 Certificates | Mentorship Program

$3,750 CAD

Enrolment Option 2: Per Course

Course Certificate

$750 CAD

McMaster Alumni, NGEN Members & Veterans

Enrolment Option 1: Full IOLM Program Participant.

All 5 Courses | 6 Certificates | Mentorship Program

$7,500 CAD

Enrolment Option 2: Per Course

Course Certificate

$1500 CAD

Regular Cost

Enrolment Option 1: Full IOLM Program Participant.

All 5 Courses | 6 Certificates | Mentorship Program

$10,000 CAD

Enrolment Option 2: Per Course

Course Certificate

$2000 CAD

Learn more about our subsidy programs, and pre-qualifying requirements.

Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals Course Brochure

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Maedeh Pourmajidian

Post-doctoral fellow

McMaster University

Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals

"IOLF Course is a professional certificiate course from McMaster University, it is my pleasure to attend it to help me to develop personal leadership skills and gain valuable insight from industry leaders. It provides incredible opportunities to connect leaders across industry, share insights, drive operational solutions, and strengthen leadership and execution skills.


During the course, I enjoyed its mentorship program, which each participant conduct a 360 self-assessment, derive key observations and deductions culminating with a tailored leadership development plan to drive a performance improvement; this really helped me to reevaluate my leadership and management skills in current work environment, develop a plan to be a tactical industry leader. I highly recommend this course."


Joe Figliomeni

Director of Business Operations

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals

"Great course with practical tools! The Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals course is great for new supervisors and managers looking to create highly effective teams. The course outlines a practical way to communicate expectations and deliverables ensuring accountability across each team member and increasing engagement across the team. The use of practical examples and experiences from the course instructor and each mentor proves that these tools work. If you are looking for ways to increase productivity and ensuring accountability, this is the perfect course."


Thanuja Rukman


Department of National Defence

Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals

"The MacMaster IOLF had a great selection of very knowledgeable presenters from a variety of fields who were able to discuss the impacts of key theories in practice based on their experience. I was particularly impressed with the consideration McMaster had in bringing in a speaker to address mental health within the context of managing. It is a topic often cited as important, but rarely are managers provided tools to deal address it."

Gurmeet Sidhu.jpg

Gurmeet Sidhu

Director of Regional Operations