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Industry Operations Leadership & Management


Learn about the courses offered under the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program Stream.

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Industry Operations Leadership & Management

Develop the integral leadership, managerial and operational skills needed to lead, transition and scale industry business units.

McMaster’s Industry Operations Leadership and Management program is a hands-on, applied learning experience. Each course in the program is designed to enable industry business leaders to develop, deploy and execute high-performance industry teams capable of utilizing innovation, flexibility, and bottom-up intent-based execution to sustainably scale industry operations.

Upcoming Course Dates

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Our Industry Experts

Meet the speakers, mentors and panelists on the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program.

IOLM Program Courses

One Day | Live | Virtual

Focused on enabling new leaders within industry business operations. You will understand and adopt essential operations leadership skills to successfully align, direct, and maneuver your teams.

Operations Management Essentials

One Day | Live | Virtual

Focused on enabling new leaders within industry business operations. You will understand and adopt essential management skills to successfully co-ordinate, manage and sustain business unit operations.

Maintenance Management Fundamentals

One Day | Live | Virtual

Focused on enabling Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME's) and Lead Hands with the competencies to enhance their management, execution and leadership skills needed to meet current industry challenges. 

Leading Digital Transformation

One Day | Live | Virtual

Focused on enabling leaders to execute a digital transformation strategy within their own business units. Participants will gain insight into the challenges, opportunities & benefits of business unit digital transformation, focusing on leadership & execution.

Mentored Leadership Development Program

6 Months | 6x 1-2 Hr Monthly Mentorship Sessions | Live | Virtual

Focused on enabling leaders to drive a measurable enhancement in their leadership performance through tailored mentorship and industry-led content.

Enhanced Management Skills

Three Days | Live | Virtual

Focused on enabling front-line leaders to cultivate, manage and lead engaged, resilient, high-performing teams.

Advanced Leadership Skills

Three Days | Live | Virtual

Focused on new and senior leaders with critical interpersonal, cohesion and leadership skills to drive the next era of industry. 

Business Unit Management & Scaling

Three Days | Live | Virtual

Focused on enabling leaders with the skills and insight needed to maneuver, sustain, scale and efficiently execute an industry business unit.

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Senior Managers, Supervisors, Managers, Lead Hands, Officers, Senior NCO’s, Small to Medium Sized Business Owners, Graduate & Undergraduate Students and Consultants. 


Participants with relevant work/technical/leadership experience looking to obtain an industry leadership university credential.

Upcoming Course Dates

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Program Lead

Industry Operations Leadership & Management

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Ashan Corea

McMaster University

W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

Certificates of Completion Professional Programs

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IOLM Program Participant Testimonials

What participants are saying

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Leonardo Guerrero

Plant Manager


Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals

The Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals Course provides a very detail introduction of what is Industry 4.0 which is unclear for many of us.It also introduces the Strong Link Archetype which provides a very specific and practical model of leadership intended to learn and develop tools, techniques and leadership styles for the Industry 4.0 environment combined with specific methodologies or techniques to enable leaders with powerful tools for project and resources management.


The Professors and Guest Speakers have a great balance between academical and practical experience, providing useful and practical tools and techniques to transfer the acquired knowledge into immediate action. In my particular case as a Plant Manager at Tesla, understanding the Industry 4.0 environment, and the upcoming trends and technologies in manufacturing, is providing me with a different perspective to better understand the challenges that my team and I are and will be facing in the following years and as well to better lead and manage the new generations that are developing in this fast changing and technologically advanced environment.


Joe Figliomeni

Director of Business Operations

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Industry Tactical Planning & Execution

The Industry Tactical Planning & Execution Course is a great introductory course for Supervisors and Managers who are looking to develop high performance teams by improving communication, driving clear accountability across their team members, while achieving the strategic goals of the organization. The course provides tried and tested strategies to improve communications and improve efficiencies while ensuring quality and safety are never compromised. If you are looking to take your leadership skills to the next level, this course is for you.


Thanuja Rukman


Department of National Defence

Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals

The MacMaster IOLF had a great selection of very knowledgeable presenters from a variety of fields who were able to discuss the impacts of key theories in practice based on their experience. I was particularly impressed with the consideration McMaster had in bringing in a speaker to address mental health within the context of managing. It is a topic often cited as important, but rarely are managers provided tools to deal address it.