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Conflict & Resilience Development


15 Feb - 12 Mar 2024 | Hybrid Live & Asynchronous

Registration Closed

Focused on enabling leaders within industry business operations to enhance personal and professional leadership resilience and conflict management skills.

A joint training initiative between McMaster University and Women In Aerospace Canada - the Conflict Management & Resilience Development (CMRD) course uses an industry-led approach bringing together senior business leaders to instruct, mentor and share first-hand experience. 


Participants will view asynchronous lessons crafted by senior leaders on resilience development strategies, mental resilience development, emotional resilience development, conflict resolution and conflict intelligence.


At the conclusion of the 4 week course, participants can attend a live group-mentorship session to gain insight into prevalent challenges faced by engaging with senior industry leader mentors.

This course is designed for leaders in aerospace looking to enhance conflict management competencies, personal and professional resilience.

CMRD Course Approach

  • 15 Feb 24 | 1:00-2:00 pm Est | Live | Orientation Session 

  • 4 Weeks | Access & View 15 x Industry-Led Video Micro-Lessons

  • 12 Mar 24 | 1:00-3:00 pm Est | 1.5 hr | Mentorship Session

Hybrid Live - Async Teaching

Industry-Led asynchronous learning enhanced with live mentorship to address real-time challenges faced.

Earn a McMaster Certificate

Walk away with a joint WIA | McMaster Certificate and practical skills to think and problem-solve like a leader.

Skilled Industry Experts

Hear from academic instructors and experienced industry experts across disciplines.


Grow your professional network by connecting with like-minded business leaders across multiple industries.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn resilience development strategies focusing on purpose, physical, mental and emotional approaches.

  • Understand techniques to improve mental resilience.

  • Learn about applications of emotional intelligence and how to cultivate emotional resilience.

  • Develop an understanding of conflict styles and how to manage conflict effectively.

  • Gain insight into the evolving discipline of conflict intelligence.

  • Learn first-hand insights on personal, team and organizational resilience from senior industry leaders.


Industry Leaders



Asynchronous Micro-Lessons

Live Mentorship Session


Course Content Breakdown

15 Feb 24

1:00 - 2:00 pm Est

15 Feb - 12 Mar 24

| Asynchronous Self-Paced

Access & view 15 x 15-20 min micro lessons crafted by leaders in industry on the following competencies.

  • Resilience Development Strategies

  • Mental Resilience Development Tools & Techniques

  • Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience Development.

  • Conflict Resolution & Conflict Intelligence.

12 Mar 24

1:00 - 3:00 pm Est

| Online Live

Group-Mentorship Session (Live). Participants will engage with an industry leader mentor over three 20 minute break out room sessions to gain insight into prevalent challenges faced.

Who Should Attend?

  • Employees taking on a new leadership role

  • Directors, Senior Managers

  • Managers or Supervisors

  • Skilled workers that may act in a leadership role within their teams

  • Graduate Students

  • Undergraduate Students

Upcoming Course Date

15 February - 12 March 2024

Hybrid Live & Asynchronous

Registration Closed

Speakers & Mentors

Learn directly from senior industry leaders on the Conflict Management & Resilience Development Course. 

Speakers are subject to change based on availability.

Admission Details

Participants should have relevant work experience or education in their industry field; a college or university education is an asset but not required.


Please contact the Program Lead if you have specific questions about the background knowledge required to maximize your benefits from the program.

Tuition & Fees

Please note costs noted below are in CAD dollars, and do not include the 13% HST - Harmonized Sales Tax charged for Canadian Applicants.

New_FDO_FundingLine_horizontal_EN (1).png

Southern Ontario Aerospace Subsidy Initiative

We would like to acknowledge the Government of Canada's support through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) for the Aerospace Regional Recovery Initiative (ARRI). The ARRI project has enabled a 90% subsidy cost reduction opportunity for qualifying members who work in a small to medium enterprise and support the Southern Ontario Aerospace sector. We are also pursuing other subsidy options for our participants; please contact the Program Lead for more information. 


Ontario Coalition of Indigenous Peoples | Southern Ontario Aerospace Subsidy Initiative

In partnership with the Ontario Coalition of Indigenous Peoples (OCIP), The ARRI project and OCIP have enabled up to a 100% subsidy cost reduction opportunity for qualifying members who are located within the Southern Ontario sector. Please complete the registration form with your selected courses and a member of OCIP will contact you to determine eligibility. 

Southern Ontario Aerospace Subsidy Cost

Course Enrolment

Course Certificate

$75 CAD

Qualifying Association Members

Course Enrolment

Course Certificate

$500 CAD

McMaster Alumni, Staff

Course Enrolment

Course Certificate

$500 CAD

Regular Cost

Course Enrolment

Course Certificate

$750 CAD

Conflict Management & Resilience Development Course Brochure

Would you like a PDF copy of the Conflict Management & Resilience Development Course Brochure?

Click to download the PDF.

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Apply Now

Apply for the Conflict Management & Resilience Development Course on our New Registrant Application Page

Program Lead

Industry Operations Leadership & Management

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Ashan Corea

McMaster University

W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

Certificates of Completion Professional Programs

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Do you have questions regarding content and registration for this course?

Please reach out.

WIA Coordinator

Judy Snagg

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