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Industry Tactical Planning & Execution


Learn about the Industry Tactical Planning & Execution course.

Part of the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program.

Industry Tactical Planning & Execution


Online Live

The Industry Tactical Planning & Execution course will enable participants with the first-hand knowledge needed to develop a high-performance industry team and the competencies needed to execute efficiently within an industry operation.

The participants will focus on intent-based leadership, team development, tactical level operations execution, performance & disruption management, and driving continuous improvement. Participants will be equipped to drive high-performance tactical industry operations.


Live Online Teaching

Real-time interactive conference-style education brought to you anywhere.

Earn a McMaster Certificate

Walk away with a McMaster Certificate and practical skills to think and problem-solve like a leader.

Skilled Industry Experts

Hear from academic instructors and experienced industry experts across disciplines.

Accelerated Learning

Achieve more than you expected in each burst 60 - 90 minute topic sessions over 3 days.

Learning Objectives

  • Visual management techniques, the Assess-Plan-Do-Check-Act execution model, Course of Action (COA) development, stakeholder buy-in communication techniques, key briefings and back briefing techniques, and the attributes necessary to drive a high-performance culture.

  • Learn the principles of disruption management, support entity coordination, the conduct of a performance review, corrective action execution, and how to strengthen team resilience.


Hours of Training




Day a Week


Course Content Breakdown

Module 1

Module 2

  • Learn the best principles to organize a shift utilizing the principles of intent-based execution within an industry 4.0 environment. 

  • Understand the "Lose-Tight" model and how it's best utilized to drive high-performance, agile and flexible tactical industry teams.

  • Utilize best practices and lessons learned from industry leaders to enhance task management skills focusing on intent-based execution.

Module 3

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Senior Managers, Supervisors, Managers, Lead Hands, Officers, Senior NCO’s, Small to Medium Sized Business Owners, and Consultants. 


Participants with relevant work/technical/leadership experience looking to obtain an industry leadership university credential.

Upcoming Course Dates

View the dates for our upcomming program courses.

Admission Details

Participants should have relevant work experience in their industry field; a college or university education is an asset but not required.


Please contact the Program Lead if you have specific questions about the background knowledge required to maximize your benefits from the program.

Our Industry Experts

Meet the speakers, mentors and panelists on the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program.

Enrollment Options

Option 1: IOLM Program Participant

Industry Mentorship Program | Six Certificates

Most participants/businesses and organizations enroll as an IOLM Program Participant. The participants complete all five courses and enroll in the Group Mentorship Program.

Letter of Recognition: Recieve a Letter of Recognition outlining the skills and capabilities taught. As well any mentee with a 10% or higher performance improvement are noted as demonstrating potential as a high talent member.

Sixth Certificate: Participants who complete the IOLM program will obtain a sixth certificate - Industry Operations Leadership & Management in addition to the five awarded for each course.

Option 2: Per Course

Complete one or more the IOLM courses in any order you wish. Course participants will not be enrolled under the Group Mentorship Program. A single Micro-Credential Certificate will be awarded for each course completed.

Tuition & Fees

Please note costs noted below are in CAD dollars, and do not include the 13% HST - Harmonized Sales Tax charged for Canadian Applicants.

NGEN AMP UP Participants & Association Members

Enrolment Option 1: Full IOLM Program Participant.

All 5 Courses | 6 Certificates | Mentorship Program

$3,750 CAD

Enrolment Option 2: Per Course

Course Certificate

$750 CAD

McMaster Alumni, NGEN Members & Veterans

Enrolment Option 1: Full IOLM Program Participant.

All 5 Courses | 6 Certificates | Mentorship Program

$7,500 CAD

Enrolment Option 2: Per Course

Course Certificate

$1500 CAD

Regular Cost

Enrolment Option 1: Full IOLM Program Participant.

All 5 Courses | 6 Certificates | Mentorship Program

$10,000 CAD

Enrolment Option 2: Per Course

Course Certificate

$2000 CAD

Learn more about our subsidy programs, and pre-qualifying requirements.

Industry Tactical Planning & Execution Course Brochure

Would you like a PDF copy of the Industry Tactical Planning & Execution Course Brochure?

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Gurmeet Sidhu.jpg

Gurmeet Sidhu

Director of Regional Operations


Industry Tactical Planning & Execution

“I enjoyed participating in the Industry Tactical Planning & Execution (ITPE) course at McMaster. ITPE course has an excellent combination of theoretical & practical information to prepare tactical level managers for the Industry 4.0 operations environment. Pannel discussions with renowned industry experts were engaging and enabled an active learning experience”. 

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Andrew Liberman

Department of National Defence

Industry Tactical Planning & Execution

" I found the Industry Tactical Planning and Execution course innovative, interesting, and exciting. Ashan and the team undertook the difficult challenge of redefining and articulating the age-old philosophical problem of good leadership practices and brought them into the 21st century. I feel they hit the nail on the head. Infusing tried and tested intent-baed techniques into the rapidly evolving business world, the course delivered tools, techniques, and resources to enable anyone, to better themself in the tradecraft of management and leadership. Personally, I’ve since delved into the Intent-Based Execution principles, utilizing the attributes of high-performance teams to reduce the decision action cycle. These adjustments have made my team more effective and efficient, driving bottom-up innovation while remaining on task, on schedule, and on budget."


Joe Figliomeni

Director of Business Operations

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Industry Tactical Planning & Execution

"The Industry Tactical Planning & Execution Course is a great introductory course for Supervisors and Managers who are looking to develop high performance teams by improving communication, driving clear accountability across their team members, while achieving the strategic goals of the organization. The course provides tried and tested strategies to improve communications and improve efficiencies while ensuring quality and safety are never compromised. If you are looking to take your leadership skills to the next level, this course is for you."