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Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0


Learn about the courses offered under the Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Program Stream.

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Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Program

Equip your organization with the skills needed to seamlessly integrate into the emerging digital industrial landscape.

By gaining foundational knowledge and applying it through case studies and practice exercises alongside talks from numerous leaders in the private and public sectors, participants are expected to take roles in leading and managing the transformation journey required to make their organization more efficient and competitive in the new digital age.

This program is made up of four courses that can be taken individually, and successful candidates will be awarded a McMaster Industry Certificate of Completion in the course subject matter completed.

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Program Courses


• Learn fundamental elements of Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical systems.
• Identify current trends and best practices for developing and deploying Industry 4.0 solutions, providing practical tools to help you successfully implement digital change at different levels in your organization.


• Understand the fundamentals of big data, machine learning, AI, and Cyber Security.
• Connect data to your processes and operations, and how to capitalize on that data to increase efficiencies and add value to your organization.
• Learn to assess the risks and benefits to deploying IoT technologies, identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and how to effectively mitigate those risks.


• Discover the fundamentals of Advanced Manufacturing and the latest hybrid engineering and manufacturing processes.
• Learn the pros and cons of each processes, highlighting potential opportunities for adoption in your organization.
• Walk through case studies and work through hands-on additive design and manufacturing problems to help facilitate a deeper understanding of additive manufacturing and hybrid engineering processes that together can open up new opportunities for improvement and product development in your organization.


• Progress through each level of the automation hierarchy.
• Work your way up through the control and acquisition devices and examine the components of the industrial communications network.
• Learn how best to design and set up effective communication between automated systems and people throughout your organization.

Who Should Attend?

Manufacturing, Operations & Technical Engineers, Managers, and Professionals, Automation Experts, Scheduling & Production Planners, CAD/CAM Engineers, Hardware Integrators, Quality Assurance & Reliability Professionals

Program Lead

Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

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Andy Simoneau

McMaster University

W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

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Apply for any of the Program Courses our New Registrant Application Page

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