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Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Engineering



Learn about the Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Engineering course.

Part of the Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Program.

Live Online Teaching

Real-time interactive conference-style education brought to you anywhere.

Earn a McMaster Certificate

Walk away with a McMaster Certificate and practical skills to think and problem-solve like a leader.

Skilled Industry Experts

Hear from academic instructors and experienced industry experts across disciplines.

Accelerated Learning

Achieve more than you expected in each burst 60 - 90 minute topic sessions over 3 days.

Learning Objectives

  • Detail the pros and cons of each process, highlighting potential opportunities for adoption in your organization.

  • Walkthrough case studies and work through hands-on additive design and manufacturing problems to help facilitate a deeper understanding of additive manufacturing and hybrid engineering processes.

  • Create new opportunities for improvement and product development in your organization.

Course Structure


Hours of Training


Consecutive Days


Course Content Breakdown

Module 1

  • Review additive manufacturing and hybrid engineering processes and equipment. Case studies of current adoption and future deployment.

Module 2

  • Material and manufacturing constraints – current studies to overcome these constraints.

Module 3

  • Application of additive and hybrid technologies – manufacturing case studies.

Module 4

  • Design for manufacturability

Module 5

  • Workshop, hands-on design for manufacturability

Module 6

  • Workshop, hands-on additive hybrid processing

Module 7

  • Discussion on potential applications for rapid adoption and deployment

Upcoming Course Dates

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Under Development

Admission Details

Participants must hold or be completing a degree or diploma from a recognized university or college; hold a relevant certificate in sustainability from a recognized university; or have equivalent professional experience.

Please contact the Program Lead if you have specific questions about the background knowledge required to maximize your benefits from the program.

Tuition & Fees

Please note costs noted below are in CAD dollars, and do not include the 13% HST - Harmonized Sales Tax charged for Canadian Applicants.

NGEN AMP UP Participants & Association Members

Subsidized Cost

Course Certificate

$750 CAD

McMaster Alumni

& NGEN Members

Discount Cost

Course Certificate

$1500 CAD

Regular Cost

Regular cost for this course

Course Certificate

$2000 CAD

Learn more about our subsidy programs, and pre-qualifying requirements.

Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Engineering Course Brochure

Would you like a PDF copy of the Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Engineering Course Brochure?

Click to download the PDF.

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Under Development

Please note this course is under development, check back for updates once finalized.

Program Lead

Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

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Andy Simoneau

McMaster University

W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

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Learn more about the Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Program and the four courses offered.

  • Industry 4.0 and Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Big Data, AI, and Cyber-Security

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Engineering

  • Automation

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