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Advanced Leadership Skills


Learn about the Advanced Leadership Skills course.

Part of the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program.

Advanced Leadership Skills


Online Live

The Advanced Leadership Skills course brings together over 15 senior industry leaders to enable participants with critical interpersonal, cohesion and leadership skills to drive the next era of industry. 

Participants will focus on coaching, mentoring, executing an intent, high-performance cohesion & culture, psychological safety, and emotional intelligence.

Leaders who complete the course will be equipped with skills, techniques, and the first-hand insight needed to enable high-performance, cohesive teams.

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Live Online Teaching

Real-time interactive conference-style education brought to you anywhere.

Earn a McMaster Certificate

Walk away with a McMaster Certificate and practical skills to think and problem-solve like a leader.

Skilled Industry Experts

Hear from academic instructors and experienced industry experts across disciplines.

Accelerated Learning

Achieve more than you expected in each burst 60 - 90 minute topic sessions over 3 days.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will conduct practical exercises and industry-led lectures centred on intent execution, cohesion building, performance management and critical thinking. 

  • Participants will be introduced to emotional intelligence, conflict management and psychological safety while addressing future operational & leadership challenges. 


Hours of Training




Day a Week


Course Content Breakdown

Module 1

  • Gain an understanding of coaching techniques that drive accountability, innovation, and leadership within employees and leaders within your organizations.

  • Understand the framework needed to develop and execute a mentorship program within your organization to identify and cultivate high talent individuals.

Module 2

  • Get introduced to an intent execution exercise used and adopted within teams to challenge assumptions, build standard operating procedures, and drive cohesion between members of varying experience levels.

  • Understand the best performance and conflict management practices and how they continue to evolve to manage an evolving workforce.

  • Develop an understanding of critical thinking skills to further hone coaching techniques.

  • Understand how to cultivate high-performance leadership and character development within yourself or other leaders in your organization.

Module 3

  • Understand the evolution of emotional intelligence and its application in industry.

  • Develop key conflict mitigation and management skills.

  • Gain an understanding of the impact and effects of mental health and psychological safety on a workforce.

  • Learn firsthand about the upcoming operations & leadership challenges in industry.

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Senior Managers, Supervisors, Managers, Lead Hands, Officers, Senior NCO’s, Small to Medium Sized Business Owners, and Consultants. 


Participants with relevant work & leadership experience looking to obtain an industry leadership university credential.

Upcoming Course Dates

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Our Industry Experts

Meet the speakers, mentors and panelists on the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program.

Admission Details

Participants should have relevant work experience in their industry field; a college or university education is an asset but not required.


Please contact the Program Lead if you have specific questions about the background knowledge required to maximize your benefits from the program.

Enrollment Options

Option 1: IOLM Program Participant

Industry Mentorship Program | Six Certificates

Most participants/businesses and organizations enroll as an IOLM Program Participant. The participants complete all five courses and enroll in the Group Mentorship Program.

Letter of Recognition: Recieve a Letter of Recognition outlining the skills and capabilities taught. As well any mentee with a 10% or higher performance improvement are noted as demonstrating potential as a high talent member.

Sixth Certificate: Participants who complete the IOLM program will obtain a sixth certificate - Industry Operations Leadership & Management in addition to the five awarded for each course.

Option 2: Per Course

Complete one or more the IOLM courses in any order you wish. Course participants will not be enrolled under the Group Mentorship Program. A single Micro-Credential Certificate will be awarded for each course completed.

Tuition & Fees

Please note costs noted below are in CAD dollars, and do not include the 13% HST - Harmonized Sales Tax charged for Canadian Applicants.

Qualified Businesses & Association Members

Course Certificate

$750 CAD

McMaster Alumni,Employees & Veterans

Course Certificate

$1500 CAD

Regular Cost

Course Certificate

$2000 CAD

Learn more about our subsidy programs, and pre-qualifying requirements.

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Program Lead

Industry Operations Leadership & Management

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Ashan Corea

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