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An MCC Partnership

NGEN & Association Subsidy Information



Learn about our partnership with NGEN and our subsidized cost for employers, industry experts, and association members.

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What is NGEN?

Learn about the NGEN Canada Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

NGen is the industry-led, non-profit organization leading Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster. One of five national networks supported by Canada's ambitious Innovation Superclusters Initiative.

NGen is the industry-led, non-profit organization leading Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing


A Collaboration with McMaster University

AMP UP provides access to some of Canada’s top technical and management training to upskill and prepare your workforce for the challenges of tomorrow

Under AMPUP, NGen will cover 50% of the NGEN pricing for training Canadian manufacturers to enroll their employees in selected skills development and certification programs offered by McMaster University.

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How can you benefit?

A. Organization / Industry Expert

NGEN Membership is free to any organization or individual contributing to Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem.

Cost for NGEN Members who enroll in any of the Certificates of Completion Courses.

Regular Cost per Course



NGEN Member Cost per Course



B. AMP UP Program Applicant

NGen will provide a funding commitment to the training organization and the NGen member organization will pay 50% of the cost of the training, excluding lab and material fees. To see if your organization qualifies please review the eligibility requirements.

Cost for NGEN AMP UP Organizations who enroll in any of the Certificates of Completion Courses. A maximum allowance of $15,000 CAD is allocated per organization.

Regular Cost per Course



NGEN AMP UP Organization Cost per Course





C. Association Members

McMaster University in collaboration with authorized Associations and NGEN have initiated an Association Applicant Stream for members to qualify under the NGEN AMP UP Program.

Cost for qualifying Association Members in any of the Certificates of Completion Courses.

Regular Cost per Course



Association Members Cost per Course



Qualifying Associations

Are you a member of the following Associations? You may qualify for the Association Members Cost of $750 CAD + HST, per course.

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Our Programs

Courses for Technical Professionals

Professionals like yourself need the latest knowledge, practical examples, and tools in order to advance your organization. We understand that you don’t have weeks or months at a time to dedicate to each subject matter, but need to advance your knowledge.

We work with businesses, organizations, and consultants seeking to re-skill and up-skill their employees and leaders to transition or scale their current operations, growth, and drive continuous improvement. Depending on the size and interests of organizations, the programs are suitable for professionals and managers/leaders from supervisors up to C-level.  

To emphasize a real-time, relevant, industry-first approach, participants will learn directly from expert instructors, leaders in industry, and from businesses and organizations currently enacting best practices, and the use the most relevant tools.


You will gain foundational knowledge and apply it through case studies and practice immersive exercises alongside panelist discussions from numerous leaders in the private and public sectors.

We currently offer programs focused on sustainability, advanced manufacturing, and industry operations leadership and management.

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Apply for any of the Program Courses our New Registrant Application Page

Learn more about the Circular Economy & Climate Change Program and the five courses offered.

  • Sustainable Infrastructure: Design & Engineering

  • Sustainable Infrastructure: Low-Impact Development & Climate Resilience

  • Carbon Mitigation

  • Circular Economy

  • Leading Transition to a Low-Carbon, Circular Economy


Learn more about the Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program, the Industry Mentorship Program, the five courses offered, and six McMaster Certificates.

  • Industry Operations Leadership Fundamentals

  • Industry Tactical Planning & Execution

  • Industry Business Unit Management

  • Advanced Leadership Skills

  • Advanced Operations Management

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Learn more about the Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Program and the four courses offered.

  • Industry 4.0 and Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Big Data, AI, and Cyber-Security

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Engineering

  • Automation

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Would you like a PDF copy of our McMaster Certificates of Completion Program Overview Brochure?

Click to download the PDF.

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